Creative Services

Many associations have discovered (sometimes the hard way) that when it comes to creative services, beauty really is only skin deep. Our award-winning graphics and multi-media design specialists understand that both form and function are essential for developing communication pieces that work. They blend the latest technology with proven design principles to develop high-impact materials that are artistic and useful.

We seamlessly coordinate communication initiatives across media to ensure that our clients achieve a consistent brand identity. In addition to extensive creative capabilities, Agentis also houses programming expertise that enables enhanced electronic functionalities.

Because the Agentis design team works in tandem with other assigned association staff, we are able to ensure that designed deliverables are consistent with each client’s vision.

Agentis offers the following creative and multimedia services

  • Development, programming and support for online initiatives including websites, webinars and e-publications
  • Graphic design
  • Materials content development
  • Comprehensive hosting capabilities for web hosting, online surveys and list serves
  • Creation, development and implementation of multimedia programming
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