Executive Management

An association executive serves as the most critical staff resource within an organization. Because he or she is responsible for carrying out the strategic objectives identified by the board, managing daily operations and representing the association to its publics, finding the right executive is fundamental to the success of any association.

Agentis is dedicated to recruiting and deploying association executives that are best-suited to the needs of our clients. Our team carries more than a century of association management experience that includes specific expertise in the areas of conference planning, educational programming, marketing, research and fundraising.

Our above-and-beyond culture attracts association executives that move beyond strategy execution to encompass the spirit and ideals of the clients we serve. Under the direction of our client-partners, our association executives manage financial, administrative, communication and business functions in an environment that ensures acumen, accountability and the highest ethical standards.

Agentis executive management services include:

  • Organizational oversight
  • Operations management
  • Board management
  • Leadership support and development
  • Strategic and tactical planning
  • Standards development